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Rain or Shine Solutions is a consulting collective that is breaking down the barriers of traditional agency models. Deploying a wide range of skills across an eclectic network of professionals, we partner with clients to grow ideas, develop solutions, and engage customers. We are an intentionally small, independent team of service professionals, allowing us to stay nimble and build relationships through seamless collaboration.

Inspired by nature and its elements, we compare our experiential makeup to that of a forest. Each individual tree, with its unique history coded in growth rings, symbiotically works to provide harmony and balance to its surroundings. When combining the strength of each tree, the health of the forest excels, providing a powerful ecosystem.

Applying this outlook to our consulting methodology, Rain or Shine is a unique sum of its individual parts. Together, we possess the knowledge and expertise to analyze and action your needs by creating a holistic view of your business—past, present, and future. Drawing on our proven network, we can then execute projects across disciplines and mediums, providing you with a distinctly personal service offering. We are in constant pursuit of differentiation—we want your business to stand out, not just fit in.

Our success is simply measured by helping you find yours.


Founding Growth Rings
Countries Visited
Organic Gardens
Words Invented

our services

Executive Management
It all starts with Branding

Have a great idea that you need to vet? Need help formalizing a business plan for investment? Look to us to aid you in all your phases of business growth.

  • Business Plan Development
  • Investment Portfolio Development
  • Sourcing
  • Operations
Sales & Marketing
On both Mobile & Desktop

Take a competitive edge with customized web design adaptable to modern day technology. 

Product Management
A strong Web Experience

In addition to mobile applications, users are increasingly accustomed to interacting with websites.

Executive Management

Have a great idea that you need to vet? Need help formalizing a business plan for investment? Look to us to aid you in all your phases of business growth.

  • Business Plan Development
  • Investment Strategy
  • Sourcing
  • Operations

Sales & Marketing

Establishing and accelerating your business requires a blend of knowledge, experience, relationship building, and market savvy.

  • Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Integrated Campaign Development & Deployment

Product Management

We possess the technical expertise to manage your technical translation process, helping to ensure your product is developed efficiently and impactfully.

  • Product Strategy
  • User Interface / User Experience Design
  • Agile Product Management


From pointed solutions to large scale products and applications, we’ll make sure your technology needs are met on time and within budget.

  • CRM Solutions
  • Marketing Automation Implementation
  • Web / Mobile App Development

The Team

Josh Margolis
Josh brings a unique blend of technical, operations and business-building savvy that has enabled companies to succeed and overcome challenges in both vibrant & down cycle economic climates. He has a true passion for creating products and services that improve peoples' lives. Josh has owned and led companies through startup, turn-around and growth phases. He continues to help a wide range of management teams accomplish their goals and mentors managers, helping them become the professionals they strive to be.
Heidi Margolis
Heidi is a seasoned marketer. She has forged her career combining her creative personality with strong analytical abilities to help organizations effectively communicate with their customers. She excels in connecting stakeholders with technical and creative teams to accomplish business deliverables. With all the latest marketing tools at her disposal, she is regarded as a messaging guru by her clients and colleagues.
Lucas Mays
Lucas is a results-driven operations and marketing technologist with proven expertise in the development, execution, and management of complex, high performing solutions. Given his rich technical background and breadth of experience, Lucas succeeds in many roles for clients. Resourcefulness is his asset and he attacks every challenge with a seasoned focus on efficiency and overall bottom line.
Genevieve Guerette Mays
Genevieve thrives in helping brands find the right balance of support, communication and advocacy with their customers. She’s woven her way through Silicon Valley as a strategist and leader in market research and customer marketing, and extends her expertise to help health & wellness companies in what she calls her mantra, “Helping people do good”. Genevieve loves to create landscapes of the industry and business models with a focus on customer satisfaction, operational scalability and digital community.
Eddie Ranchigoda
Eddie's passion lies in building and shaping brands that engage consumers through an intriguing story and mission, innovative products, dynamic marketing, strategic partnerships, and social conscience. He has launched more than 100 award-winning products and apps in the kids, games, and health categories. Eddie has led marketing teams at several industry-leading companies. He stays eager to combine his passion for health and fitness, technology, and gaming, plus a knack for storytelling, through services he provides.
Amir Abou Baker
Amir is a highly driven, results-oriented technology and operations leader with deep expertise across all facets of operational transformations. Having managed complex global projects across Retail, Customer Care, Advertising and Marketplaces he thrives in the delivery of operations strategy, execution and ongoing management. He built his career in Silicon Valley in Global Operations Scaling and its effects on People, Process and Technology. Throughout his career he's led teams across North America, Europe and Asia.
G.P. Kakugawa
Glenn is a self-motivated sales professional who is resourceful at problem solving and focused on exceeding goals. His competitive nature has been a driving force throughout his life and career. Glenn's natural ability to create and maintain relationships has  been a key to his success in sales and business development. Born and raised in Hawaii, Glenn certainly brings the Aloha to the Rain or Shine team.

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The Cedar Loft
2661 California St. Suite 9, San Francisco, CA 94115

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